Seth McGinns Multi Fuel Burner $69.99

Seth McGinn's Multi-Fuel Portable Cooktop provides ultra-quiet operation in a compact design.  It's perfect for any outdoors use including camping, hunting, fishing, and tailgating -- and makes a great compliment to your backyard grill.

Medium Plank Cutting Board$24.99

The Medium Plank Foldable Cutting Board:  Lightweight, yet durable  Portable, multi-use  Non-breakable Easy to store No-Pinch hinge fold  Odor and stain resistant.

Seth McGinns Can Cooker JR. $59.99

The CanCooker Jr. is the little brother to the Original CanCooker. Where an Original CanCooker is designed to feed many, the CanCooker Jr. is designed for a family supper.

Skewer Set$19.99

Make perfect kabobs and skewers on your Traeger with this 6 piece flexible stainless steel skewer set. Measures 17.5 inches.

Grill rack Lil Tex/Elite$34.99

This Extra Grill Rack adds 149 square inches of cooking space to your Lil' Tex or Lil' Tex Elite. Made from the same porcelain coated steel as our grilling grate, and is custom fit for your Lil' Tex or Lil' Tex Elite.

Basting Brush $9.99

Neatly brush sauces and glazes onto whatever you're Traeger'ing. Made with heat resistant, dishwasher safe silicone bristles.

Front Shelf For Texas$39.99

Redesigned one piece unit made from the same porcelain coated steel as our cooking grids. For Texas Grill (BBQ075).

Smoker Shelf-Lil Tex/Elite/Delux $49.99

Adds 230 square inches of smoking surface to your grill. One piece nickel plated steel. Now you can smoke jerky, fish, meats. Adds 2 more levels cooking surface to your cooking chamber.

Chicken Throne $29.99

We do "beer can chicken" one better with our porcelain chicken throne. Dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. Made in the USA.

Rib Rack $24.99

Chrome rib rack measures 17 ½” L x 3 ½” H x 12” D and holds 8 full racks of ribs. Fits perfectly inside all of our models.

Salmon Spatula $19.99

At 10 inches across this BIG BOY is perfect for moving burgers, whole fish, etc. Stainless steel with rosewood handle.

Sauce Mop $9.99

Smoothly brush your favorite sauces and marinades onto your meat with the Traeger Sauce Mop.

Traeger Accessories